Friday, April 27, 2012

Download Dark Dimensions 2: Wax Beauty SE/CE PC/Mac Game

 Dark Dimensions 2: Wax Beauty CE
In Dark Dimensions 2: Wax Beauty game for PC you will investigate strange and horrifying events, that happened in the town of Red Lake Falls [1]. Mass murders, turning people into wax statues was so terrifying, so painful for the victims and their relatives that changed the reality itself and created new Dark Dimension [2]! You are the only one able to find the source of evil and to protect our world from the darkness in Dark Dimensions 2: Wax Beauty CE [3]. This PC game will lead you through two worlds, two realities - usual Earth and dangerous dark other world (example of tho worlds shown in the two screens upper). 
Download and play Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty Collector's Edition and find a way to the center of the Red Lake Falls. More closer you will be to the heart of Dark Dimension, less important laws of physics and our reality itself will be. And danger for you will also grow. 
Link 1 will lead you to more info about game, links 2-3 contains gameplay videos.